A. S.

My portfolio consists of carefully selected photographs incurred as a result of the photographic projects that I felt I was moved by. Each photo contains a part of me, and because of that I consider them an intimate and largely self-portrait works.

To properly read my photos, you must have “a key” to understand them. In the 19th century, photographs that were retained on metal or glass plates, were often called mirrors with memory because their surfaces are really like the mirror reflecting the light so that the image can be seen only from a certain angle. I love this unusual and warm, unfortunately lost relation towards photography. My photos are mirrors with memory too, though that’s only metaphorically speaking. To read my photos you can help yourself with the words of Ansel Adams, famous American photographer who said that in every picture there is at least one person. He only took pictures of the landscapes totally without the presence of man – either directly, or indirectly. The person Adams was reffering to was he himself, the author of the photo. In the portrait, of course, there are always present at least two persons – portrayed person with his or her personality and the author of the image with his specific style, artistic expression, signature and interpretation. I would add that you have to read my photos (in addition to the awareness of the presence of the portrayed person and me as an author) even with the presence of a third person. That third person is an observer. You. If you take my photo as a metaphorical mirror, you won’t  have difficulties to imagine that photo as a mechanical mirror that has the ability to provide you the information of how you look sometimes – not physical, but psychological, anthropological. We all have more in common than we differ, we just don’t see it, because we just don’t observe. My photos to me as an observer serves in auto analysis, the study of human and his humanity with all its moods, hopes, fears, attitudes, knowledge. Portraiture is actually my research project on human, and by observing others I intent to understand myself.

My work was influenced by giants:

Gaspard-Félix Tournachon – Nadar, August Sander, Yousuf Karsh, Richard Avedon


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