In the elementary school where I work (as a teacher of the Croatian language and literature) since the year 2009 I guide a photo-group in the form of extra-curricular activities. Due to the lack of literature, available plans, programs and methodics’ solutions (in Croatia) I had to manage myself, so I started from scratch. First I prepared a draft plan for working with group, and each year I modified and adapted it – literally by trial and error. The same was the case with the teaching methodics of photography (there is available literature about the methodics of teaching film, which is superbly worked). In 2010, I edited and wrote the script for the pupils of a photo-group (59 pages with illustrations). This script, thanks to the support of membership of Photo Club Čakovec grew into a book „To Think Photographically“ issued in 2011.

Photo-group each school year prepars two photographic exhibitions (selection of 10 photos with the wall brochures), which is placed in the photo gallery of school. Exhibitions are regularly thematic. Photos are printed on the format of 20 by 30 cm and exhibited in a glass frames.

Another fundamental task of photo-group is equipping the school magazine “Klopotec” (“Rattle”) with photo-journalistic reportage and documentary photos, but also with other types of photography; magazine, ie. revue photographs (thematically staged photography, photo-comics, advertising, fashion photography, portraits, etc.). Photo-group is also a part of the editorial staff and takes care of the graphic design of school magazine.

In our work, we like to explore and play after mastering the theoretical basis of light, camera accessories, photographic techniques and genres of photography. We play with light (natural and artificial), also with the themes and recording techniques, a variety of alternative photographic processes (camera obscura, fitography). In the work we use DSLR system mostly, however, we also explore experimental photography, analogue (film) photography and camera obscura (Matchbox Pinhole).

I offer (free of charge) to all teachers who guide the photo-groups in schools my old script and a curriculum which I’m currently using:

Basics of photography PDF

Curriculum of Photo-group

(photography: Valentina Zver)