First book in The Educational Library of Photo Club Čakovec by Davor Žerjav is a book about photography, which seeks to educate a wide audience without misleading readers that there are shortcuts in photography and that photography can be learned in just a few steps. The author through content included technical, technological, practical, historical, art, aesthetic, psychological and philosophical aspects of photography in the modern world by explaning it in understandable and simple language. The book is intended for everyone who uses the medium of photography in different ways; in the creative, artistic, amateur and professional work. It may be used by both beginners and experts. It is equipped with 50 illustrations and 198 photos from the members of the Photo Club Čakovec (from which the vast majority is the original authorial work).

Price: 150 kn 100 kn (20 $  15 $)
Size: 21 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-953-56785-0-2
Number of pages: 224, color
Binding: paperback
Year of publication: 2011
Publisher: Photo Club Čakovec
Language: Croatian


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They said about the book…

Dubravka Polonijo Juriša (reader, Rijeka, December 2014): “I read the first of two books, “To Think  Photographically”, and after that book I really have a different perspective on the photography . I now observe (both mine and other people) photos with a lot more criticism. Very nice, simple, and thoughtfully written book. I look forward to start reading another book “The Code of the Photographic Image” because I believe it will take me to an even greater depth and essence in photography and its interpretation, and also I hope I’ve learned something that I will continue to apply to the shooting, and not only “pressing the button”. I will definitely come back again and again to these books and read them from time to time. Very nicely written and, I would say, very stylistically processed. Thank to Davor and others who share their knowledge and skills with the rest of us.”

Želimir Beštak (reader, Zagreb, November 2014): “Congratulations for the first book, great read, written in common language, the right thing to encourage a youngster with the idea to the right path of creativity. It is obvious that it was written for readers, you can see it at first glance, and it, in my opinion, adds a particular value in today’s commercial and easyselling noise…”

Andrej Čikvari (reader, Vinkovci, September 2013): “Hello, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Vinkovci. I recently got involved in amateur photography and today I finished reading your book “To Think  Photographically” and I want to say that I really like it, and thank you for such a detailed insight into the world of photography. It is very difficult to find a quality book about photography since most of them are based on the equipment, so I was very glad that I came across this yours publication!
Greetings from Vinkovci,
Andrej Čikvari”

Zoran Zuber (reader, Zadar, February 2013): “Hello, I want to thank you for a wonderful and educational book I’m reading. Approach to the world of photography that Mr. Žerjav introduces for beginners or amateurs is simply outstanding. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future work and a lot of beautiful photos .
… You and your book taught me more about photography than any website or other literature that I managed to get, because you explain complicated concepts in such a simple and beautiful way. You made the book apropriate for any age in which you were surely helped by your work with children in school where you teach, and in our soul we are ultimately all children. I hope that the book will get a hard cover and be translated into other languages​​.”

Tihomir Kovačević (reader, Osijek, October 2012): “I would use the opportunity to congratulate you for the courage and effort to write and publish a book of this sort for a small circle of readers in the place and time where there’s less and less habit to buy and read, let alone learn from books.
To learn about the hobby, that is nowdays really rare custom.
I was obsessed with the photography, exhibiting, and as well as with taking a regular trips to the Photo Club “Osijek” for twenty years, until the war broke, and then came some new tasks for me, appointments… and in the club some new kids, except for the few forever young men as the eternal Miroslav Adam, Boris Sontacchi… We were exhibiting, collecting points and gained professional titles (I came to the FA and the instructor FSJ FSJ). We were traveling with the Club and had a nice library of books and photo magazines, read and share experiences, maintain and visited the exhibition, conferences, projections…
I put together a substantial collection of photo-cinema magazines and books on the theory of photography in Croatian and similar languages. I gave the magazines to the Club, and I kept the library.
That is why I am very happy with your book and your attempt to start issuing photo library. From the bottom of my heart I wish you success, and I’ll modestly help you with your publications by buying your books. Wishing you all the best, I send you kind greetings!
With respect,
Tihomir Kovačević”

Željko Jović (member of PC “Klik” Sveta Nedjelja, June 2012): “The book is great and every photographer, regardless of knowledge should read it, congratulations to the author.”

Ivica Nikolac (president of the Croatian Photo Union, March 2012):To think photographically is the book that every beginner in photography should have. In the ocean of various books on photography, this one stands out among the others because of its “textbook” character. It is equally good both for beginners and for those who have been practicing photography, and have not yet managed to learn (identify) all elements of its aesthetics. Oh, do not understand me wrong, it is not only important to have a good camera, a grain of talent and plenty of time to be involved in photography and estimating someone else’s photos by the way through the principle: I like it – I don’t like it. It takes a little basic knowledge in the visual and aesthetic field, and in this book it can be found… So, it is definitely must-have book.“

Digital Foto Magazin (February 2012): „Photo Club Čakovec surprised us with the excellent book .“

Max Juhasz (art photographer from Zagreb, January 2012): „I read it with pleasure. True, I skipped the first chapter (basics of photography), and pay attention to the second and third chapter of the book which talks about the basics of visual language, a creative approach to photography and thinking. As I said before, along with Fizi book about photography, this is the second most serious book on a topic, written by Croatian author that along with the necessary basics for each photographic novice offers something more that can certainly not be ignored. Congratulations again and thanks for the lovely dedication ;)“

Snjež Bjež (reader, January 2012): „Hello to the author of the book “To think photographically “! Today the book (safely) arrived and I flip through a book with enthusiasm. These days I’m going to study it thoroughly, although I already think that I invested my money wisely. :-)“

Željko Juras (reader, December 2011): „Good evening Davor, if you’ll remember some time ago asked you if I may use your photographic manual in PDF format that you put on the website of your school (for the purpose of the photo-course in the elementary school in Slatina). Manual, it was just convenient for elementary school pupils, and we have print it to every course attendant. Then I saw that you wrote a book and I said to myself: If the manual was that good, the book should be good too. Today the book arrived to me by the post and I can only tell you that from the time of Milan Fizi I did not held in my hands souch a good photographic reading . It’s nice you did that and now I’m going to order another one, and this one I will give as a present… I wish that you issue the second edition soon and also in large print run… I can see on the link the excellent responsees to the book, and I’m very happy that Croatian author wrote such a good photo-guide (so now we don’t only have translations from foreign authors in our bookshops) and moreover that you are amateur photographer, photography enthusiast.“

Mario Kociper (reader, November 2011): „I commend your project – the book is a little treasure – the text , and visual appearance. My warmest congratulations to Davor and all those who contributed to book To think photographically!“

Tomislav Vidaček (reader, November 2011): „I read the book, congratulations to the author, wisely spent 150 kunas ;)“

Branimir Horvatin (reader, October 2011): „One copy of book is in foster care, I started reading it and I admit that it is really refreshing in the ocean of all those that I’ve ever read.“

Bruno Stanko Jonny (reader, October 2011): „The book ‘s excellent… everything is well explained. Price is though a little bit higher compared to some books on photography, but they are not all so finely arranged. It’s worth the money and I recommend it to anyone who wants to envolve in photography … congratulations, dude!“