New edition in The Educational Library of Photo Club Čakovec, book “The Code of the Photographic Image” by Davor Žerjav is available on the market!

The book explores photography as a medium that transmits information from the author of photographic image to his audience and for that purpose it uses its own visual code that requires in-depth understanding of the communication between the author and his audience. Its content is related to the first edition of our Educational Library, the book “To think photographically” and it upgrades its contents. “The Code of Photographic Image” is intended primarily for demanding audience interested in observing photographs and decoding aesthetics, content, technical and media phenomenon.

Price: 150 kn (20 $)
Size: 21 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-953-56785-0-2
Number of pages: 180, color
Binding: paperback
Year of publication: 2014
Publisher: Fotoklub Čakovec
Language: Croatian

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Critique excerpts…

Max Juhasz (Frame 36): “If you are looking for fast, quick and arbitrary responses (such as those on the Internet), you will not find them in Davor Žerjavs’ book “Code of the Photographic Images“. True, you will save a lot of your time that you would spend in the pursuit with foreign literature, but even there, you would not get very clear answers. You will ultimately have to look for the clear answers in yourself, and this book will help you in doing so. In addition to distinctly explanations of complex brain functions that occur during the observation of images, the book contains a large number of authors’ personal opinions that in many cases rely on renowned theorists of photography and practical application of author knowledge and his own reflections (because the author himself is a photographer). He gives us an interesting and for many people completely new photographic vision on problems in photography, because he’s encourageing his readers to try to correct the way they are observing the photos. In a world where image violently and strongly suppresses the written word, visual literacy is necessary for reading and even more – understanding some new forms of communication which already now, thanks to overwhelming and sophisticated photographic techniques, affects a large part of humanity. A future in which we mainly communicate through images undoubtedly will come, although I would say that it is already here. Are you ready for it? Do you know how to read the image?”

prof. Ivica Kiš, Sc. ing. Arch. (author of the book Camera obscura, basics of photography): “The complexity of this topic the author rationally presents in three chapters: I. Code of the Photographic Image, II. Cognition and Emotions and III. Language, Geometrics and Interpreting Photographic Images. Careful reader is provided by a broad overview of the important features of the code of the photographic image, and open to the reasonable approach to the photographic image and photography in all its fields. The book is intended not only for photographers but also for all photography enthusiasts from all areas of photography media (art, art history, psychology, sociology, ophthalmology, IT) and I (as a time capsule) strongly recommend it and patiently expect the results it will achieve.”