Davor Žerjav was born in 1977 in Čakovec. He works as a teacher in a primary school.

Photography has been his companion ever since his early youth and the time of analogue photography, which was presented to him by his father. The appearance of digital technology enables him to devote himself more deeply to the art of photography. In school he establishes the photo-group to teach children of ages 10 to 14 the art of the photography. Soon he joins Čakovec Photo Club  and becomes its active member.

He wrote his first book „To Think Photographically“ in 2011, published by Čakovec Photo Club. The book is primarily intended for beginners in photography and for all the people who want to access the photography thoughtfully and thoroughly. It gathers the experiences of Čakovec photo lovers in their own unique way; their approach, methodology, and aesthetics.

His second book “The Code of the Photographic Image” was issued in 2014 by the same publisher. His third book “Creative Macro Photography” was issued in 2016 in cooperation with Petar Sabol.

Along with his first solo photographic exhibition “FACES” held in 2016 he published a book “FACES” with 86 portraits reproduced in it.

In his Photo Club and also as a guest lecturer, he teaches several different workshops on photography (Portrait  and Advertising Photography, as well as The Summer School of Photography for children).

He deals with the landscape, portrait and studio photography.

(photo: Stjepan Balić)